Snoring And What It Means To You And Your Health


Snoring can be embarrassing if you regularly share your room and can also deprive others from getting good sleep. More importantly, snoring often signifies a more serious, underlying health condition. Continue on for some great tips that will inform you as to why people snore, and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Nasal strips can provide welcomed relief from bothersome snoring. These nasal strips appear very much like a Band-Aid. That being said, they don’t perform the same way as a Band Aid. Nasal strips have been designed specifically to keep your airways open. This will make breathing from your nose easier, and you will stop snoring.

Quit Smoking

If you quit smoking, you can help to alleviate your snoring. However, if quitting is not an option, refrain from smoking in the hours before bedtime. Smoking increases throat swelling and your air passage is minimized. When your airways are restricted, you’re more likely to snore. Therefore, if you quit smoking, you reduce the risk of your throat becoming swollen and decrease your chances of snoring.

You can reduce the chances of snoring by eating less at night. Eating too much food, especially right before sleeping, causes the stomach to become full. This can cause the diaphragm to rise and put pressure near the throat. This can cause breathing problems that contribute to snoring. Snoring is commonly caused by a narrowed throat and airflow that has reduced.

Try the tennis ball remedy to alleviate snoring. Pin the ball behind the clothes you wear at night before going to bed. While sleeping, you’ll naturally be on your side so that you won’t feel this ball crushing your back. Sleeping on your side reduces snoring significantly.

Avoid falling asleep on your back, this can reduce the amount of snoring you do in the middle of the night. If it is troubling you that you cannot figure out a way to not fall asleep on your back, consider fastening a big object on the back of what you are wearing to sleep. This way, when you do end up rolling over onto your back, you will immediately experience discomfort and will not want to remain in that spot.

Tennis Ball

The home remedy “tennis ball cure” is something many supposedly former snorers swear by. This is when you place a tennis ball in a pocket that you have sewn on the back of your shirt or when you place one inside a sock and pin in on your back. The result is that it reminds you, even in your sleep, not to sleep on your back. Once you are accustomed to staying off your back at night, take the tennis ball off.

Some people find that an adjustable bed is helpful in reducing their snoring. These beds allow you to put your upper body into a vertical orientation. This position prevents your airways from being compressed while you sleep, which can keep you from snoring as frequently.

Hopefully you now understand what is causing your snoring, and also your partner’s snoring. While the information contained here does offer solid guidance in ways to eliminate snoring from your life, or at least reduce its intensity, there is sometimes a more serious cause of snoring. If you feel something of a serious nature is behind your snoring, make sure to schedule a visit with your medical practitioner.